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The site has grown considerably over the years but hopefully follows a simple navigational structure. Clicking on the text link will take you to a top-level menu for that section. Links are then available (either text or image thumbnails) to take you further into the site. Buttons are available on the top of every page to either take you back to previous menus or right back to the main menu page. There is also a slideshow of selected images available from the menu page.

The site is designed to be viewed at 1024 by 768. Originally the site was designed to be usable on a 56k modem connection with an average large image download time of 10 to 14 seconds. However, with the increase in the quality and resolution of modern digital cameras, it is becoming increasingly difficult to compress photographs whilst maintaining anything like the quality of the orginal. With the increased number of broadband users, we have decided that from the 14th August 2005 we will, for future pages, design new pages assuming a broadband connection and a screen resolution of 1024 by 768. Dial-up modem users please forgive us but we do not have the time to spend running 2 versions of the site so in future new images could possibly take 20 or more seconds to load on an average dial-up modem connection. Any suggestions for improvements to the site please contact us via this e-mail form.