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Scientific name - Vipera berus

Britain’s only poisonous snake, the Adder will very rarely attack humans preferring to remain hidden or to move quickly away when approached. The venom is actually quite strong but the adder does not inject much at any one time limiting its affect on larger animals and humans. If a bite is received from an adder, medical advice needs to be sought promptly. The adder is thought to have claimed the lives of around 10 people within the last 100 years or so, those being susceptible to anaphylactic shock being most at risk. Adders can be found in a very wide range of habitats but open ground such as moors and grasslands are favourite spots provided there is cover nearby. They feed on small rodents, lizards, nestlings and amphibians such as frogs and newts. Adders can be found all over mainland UK, but not Ireland, and are Scotland’s only native snake. Their bodies are light brown or tan with a very distinctive 'zig-zag' pattern that run the entire length. The males rarely exceed 2 foot (60cm) in length while the females grow larger up to 3 foot (80cm). They hibernate between October and Spring, emerging at different times each Spring depending on the weather conditions in that year. Video

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