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Scientific name: Sciurus carolinensis

Originally from North America, a native of the eastern and mid-western United States and in the southerly portions of the eastern provinces of Canada, the Grey Squirrel was released in the UK by 19th century landowners. They are blamed for displacing our native red squirrels, out-competing the native reds for food and introducing a deadly pox virus, to which the Greys had become immune, to the Red Squirrel population. They are very common and widespread throughout England south of Cumbria and Wales, and common in local pockets in Scotland. They are absent from the rest of mainland Europe, except for small localised populations in Italy. They have grey fur and often sit upright with their large bushy tails arched over their backs. They are very active during the day foraging for their food of acorns, bulbs, tree shoots, buds, fungi, nuts and roots. They will also raid birds' nests taking eggs and chicks. Protecting bird feeders in the garden from their attentions can also be a major problem!

Grey Squirrels Grey Squirrels Grey Squirrels Grey Squirrels Grey Squirrels Grey Squirrels