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The wood mouse is our most common wild rodent and can be found in most habitats throughout Britain although especially common in woodland and fields. You rarely see them on exposed ground as they prefer plenty of cover but, although nocturnal, they often can be seen during the day as in these photographs. Another common name for them is the long-tailed field mouse.

Wood mice feed on seeds, buds, fruits, insects, worms, centipedes, snails and green plants - their diet obviously changing with the seasons and availability of food. Food is often stored in underground burrows or sheltered places between the roots of trees or under ledges for later use.

They normally nest below ground in complicated burrow systems which are passed from generation to generation. The nest is made of leaves, moss and grass and can occasionally be found above ground in holes in trees. Wood mice breed from March to October, the females giving birth to blind (eyes closed) and hairless young after a gestation of 23 days.

Wood Mouse Wood Mouse Wood Mouse Wood Mouse
Wood Mouse Wood Mouse