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Lopwell is a Site of Special Scientific Interest situated at the normal tidal limit of the River Tavy, 3 miles from north Plymouth and 7 miles from Tavistock, Devon, England. The Dam, and its additional buildings, were constructed in 1953 by Plymouth City Council to create another water supply for the city. Lopwell Dam is an important saltmarsh habitat site for species such as common saltmarsh-grass, red fescue, sea couch, sea purslane, sea aster, sea arrowgrass, sea club-rush and English scurvygrass. It has a fish pass for migrating salmon, a tidal footpath for crossing to the opposite bank and a wildlife arts and education centre based in the original pumphouse (replaced by an underground water pumping station). Lopwell was initially a busy river quay, serving nearby mines and farmland dating back to the 13th century. Nearby there is the remains Wheal Maristow, an impressive mineshaft, dating back to the 13th century.
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