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Mevagissey is a fishing village lying on the South Coast of Cornwall. An inner harbour was built in 1774 to replace a medieval quay which was situated roughly where the present East Quay is today. The medieval quay offered little protection against easterly gales so local people colloborated to bring about the Act of Parliament necessary to enable the construction of the East and West Quays to form todays inner harbour. Later, in 1888, an outer harbour was built but this was washed away in the great storms of March 1891. The outer harbour was rebuilt and completed in 1897 but over the years much repair work has been necessary, the last major work being completed in 1998. The local fishing industry has shared the problems and decline of the national fishing industry but Mevagissey remains a working fishing port with a sizeable number of registered fishing vessels. However, over the years, its attraction as a "typical" Cornish fishing village has attracted the tourist industry and much of the local economy now depends on this trade.
Mevagissey Mevagissey - the Inner Harbour Mevagissey - Inner Harbour Mevagissey, Fish Catch Mevagissey - at the end of the day Mevagissey - the Outer Harbour
Fishermen discussing the catch Leaving Harbour Mevagissey - the Inner Harbour Mevagissey