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The Parish of South Huish lies in South Devon and comprises of the inshore villages of South Huish and Galmpton together with the coastal village of Hope Cove which is actually two villages - Outer and Inner Hope. Hope Cove lies in the shelter of Bolt Tail on Bigbury Bay whilst Galmpton and South Huish are both a mile inland up two parallel valleys.The parish church of South Huish, St Andrew's was abandoned in 1867 when it was decided that it was beyond economic repair for the small population of South Huish. Instead a new church, housing the bells from St. Andrew's along with its 14th cenury font, was built in Galmpton. St. Andrew's was built in the 13th century with later improvements being made in the 15th and 16th century. The ruins are now looked after by the “Friends of Friendless Churches”. Part of their information plaque reads "These remains of the 13th century church abandoned in 1867, are leased to the Friends of Friendless Churches St.Ann's Vestry Hall 2 Church Entry, London EC4 V5HB by whom gifts for their maintenance will be gratefully received."

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