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Dartmoor was designated one of the National Parks of England and Wales in 1951, the third national park to be created in England and Wales. It is an area of 953 sq.km (368 sq. miles) consisting of moorland and wooded valleys with granite tors dominating the landscape.

It is the largest granite surface in England, the largest expanse of un-glaciated upland in Great Britain and the largest and highest upland in southern Britain. The highest points are Yes Tor, rising to 619 m/2,030 feet, and High Willhays, which climbs to 621 m/2,039 feet. The public is able to roam freely on unenclosed, open moorland with some 10 million visits being made each year. The soils are acidic, undisturbed by intensive agriculture and the moor is exposed to strong winds and high rainfall. There are areas of blanket bog, heath, grassland, valley woodlands and some enclosed farmland. All these factors make Dartmoor a haven for the walker and wildlife.

Panoramic views of Dartmoor, click on thumbnail to view

Three images of Burrator, Sharpitor and Leather Tor taken from Down Tor.

Down Tor

Beardown Tors from Holming Beam
Cowsic Valley

Lydford Tor, Cowsic Valley and Conies Down Tor

West Dart and Dart Valley (before and after Dartmeet)
Click on thumbnails below for photographs
B Beardown Tors Belliver, Dartmoor Bench Tor Black Tor, Dartmoor Burrator reservoir
  Beardown Tors Bellever Bench Tor Black Tor Burrator Reservoir  
C Cherry Brook Cramber Tor Crazywell Pool Combeshead Tor Beardown Tors Cuckoo Rock
  Cherry Brook Cramber Tor Crazywell Pool Combestone Tor Cowsic Valley Cuckoo Rock
D Dartmoor Snow Down Tor Down Tor Down Tor Drizzlecombe
  Dartmoor Snow Devonport Leat Down Tor Down Tor Stone Row Drizzlecombe  
E Eylesbarrow Mine
  Eylesbarrow Mine          
F Fernworthy Reservoir Foggintor
  Fernworthy Foggintor        
G Grimspound, Dartmoor
H Hart Tor
Hart Tor Stone Row
  Hart Tor Hart Tor Stone Row        
I Ingra Tor
  Ingra Tor          
L Leather Tor Leathertor Farm Leeden Tor Menu
Longstone Manor
Lowery Barn
  Leather Tor Leathertor Farm Leeden Tor Longstone Manor Lowery Barn  
M Merrivale Dartmoor Middleworth Farm
  Merrivale Middleworth Farm        
N Naker's Hill, Fox Tor Mire Narrator Nun's or Siward's Cross
  Naker's Hill Narrator Brook (Deancombe Valley) Near Houndtor Nun's Cross    
P Pew Tor
  Pew Tor          
R West Dart Rivert, Two Bridges River Meavy River Walkham, Merrivale
  River Dart River Meavy River Plym River Walkham    
S Sharpitor, Dartmoot Sheepstor Sheepstor Shipley Bridge to Avon Dam> Staple Tors Stone Cross, Dartmoor
  Sharpitor Sheeps Tor Sheepstor Village Shipley to Avon Dam Staple Tors Stone Cross
S Swelltor Quarry
  Swelltor Quarry          


  Venford Reservoir          


Wistman's Wood
  Wistman's Wood          


Yellowmead Down
  Yellowmead Down